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Independent Property Care  Specialists Damp-Proofing & Timber Treatment Surveyors. Providing Damp Survey, Woodworm Infestation Survey, Dry Rot Survey & Specialist Damp and Timber Surveys. We also Produce Damp and Timber Reports for Mortgage Lenders / Providers, Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, & Re-mortgage Equity Release Companies Based in Chester.

Damp Aid Woodworm, Dry Rot & Damp Specialists in Chester,  Mickle Trafford, Guilden Sutton, Hoole, Saltney, Christleton, Handbridge, Moston, Waverton & Westminster Park.

Damp Aid UK- Chester property care association members / specialists in carrying out damp & timber surveys along with chemical free, cost effective solutions for controlling rising damp and timber decay, thus avoiding unnecessary, costly & disruptive chemical damp-proof course injection & timber treatments offered by most remedial damp-proofing & timber treatment companies in Chester.

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With any building defect, it is essential that you get the correct diagnosis of a problem before any recommendations for dealing with it can be made.  Damp Aid deal with problems arising from damp in a building as well as woodworm and timber decay.  Having gained crucial understanding of the nature of dampness and timber infestation for over 30 years, our aim is to provide an accurate diagnosis of the actual causes, not just identifying the presenting symptoms.

An initial inspection is carried out by a qualified specialist property care damp-proofing and timber treatment surveyors. By correctly identifying the cause of a problem, appropriate recommendations can be made and advice given, providing clients with the awareness to make informed decisions and to avoid potentially costly and inappropriate chemical treatments often recommended by other damp-proofing & woodworm treatment companies.

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Property care services provided by Damp Aid surveyors include specialist mortgage damp and timber reports from property care specialists. And where necessary we provide chemical free damp proofing remedies for damp walls, along with various remedial works, often highlighted in a home buyers report, such as external ground lowering, re-plastering, sub-floor ventilation etc.

In about 98% of the properties we have surveyed, chemical damp proofing treatment has not been necessary. Some of our clients have been provided with quotations from other damp-proofing companies for a damp proof course injection.  However, we have found that the damp proof course has been compromised by high ground levels or even defective rainwater goods resulting in low level damp penetration above the DPC line.  Lowering the ground levels, repairing gutters and removing defective / damp wall plaster is all that has been needed.  Installing a chemical damp proof course would not have cured this problem!

Wherever possible, we try to eliminate any damp in walls by environmentally friendly measures instead of immediately recommending chemical damp-proof injection.  Likewise, when woodworm has been found by a client, our first aim is to ascertain if the woodworm infestation is active or even a species requiring treating, before we recommend woodworm treatment.  If no chemical treatment is needed – we will say so!

Damp & timber surveys / reports are provided by fully qualified C.S.R.T. damp-proofing and timber treatment surveyors, who are not on commission, therefore do not need to “find work”.  After carrying out damp and timber inspections we will provide details of the correct diagnosis, recommendations on curing or treating any damp wall, woodworm or timber decay and, if necessary, a quotation detailing any proposed treatment / remedial work to be carried out.

Damp Survey for Rising Damp & Condensation in Chester

Depending on the instructions received, damp surveyors will inspect all accessible walls at ground floor level for rising damp using an electric resistance meter and visible observations. External observations will be made and relevant comments on building defects such as rainwater goods, external render, high ground levels etc, will be made where appropriate. Any visual evidence of timber decay will also be reported upon.

Timber Survey for Dry Rot, Woodworm & Wood Boring Beetle Infestation Insect Attack in Chester

Following the client’s instructions, accessible timbers to a property will be surveyed by woodworm treatment specialists for wood boring insect attack & timber decay (dry rot, wet rot). Roof timbers will be checked if safe access is available. Floor timbers will be checked where accessible. With occupied properties the inspections are usually limited. Fitted carpets will not normally be lifted (unless loose) or furniture moved. Floorboards will not be lifted unless they are loose enough to do so without causing any damage. Staircase timbers will be inspected, except where fitted carpets are present and soffits to the underside.

If you are in the process of selling / buying a new house in Chester and require a damp-proofing and timber treatment specialist surveyor to carry out a damp and timber survey & report, then I’m sure we can help you. Damp Aid surveyors undertake independent rising damp, dry rot, timber decay & condensation mould surveys for homeowners, buyers, sellers, local estate agents, management letting / rental agencies, banks mortgage lenders, rented out homes for private landlords, tenants renting, solicitors, housing associations & equity release companies located in chester.


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