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 Damp Aid UK Specialist Property Care Damp Timber Services

Damp Aid UK have a dedicated team whose aim for over 30 years has been to provide a fast, efficient and outstanding customer damp timber services, with comprehensive one-to-one dialogue and backup to clients throughout the British Isles. This ensures our clients are fully conversant with our paperwork and the nature of any damp and timber defects found during our damp and timber surveys. We have attended thousands of domestic and commercial properties throughout the country. Successfully controlling, curing and treating damp, rising damp, woodworm, dry rot, wet rot and all other forms of dampness, condensation and timber decay found in buildings throughout Great Britain.

Damp Aid UK surveyors are damp-proofing and timber treatment specialist surveyors, having undergone internal and external training to gain the necessary qualifications – namely C.S.R.T. (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment) & C.T.I.S. (Certificated Timber Infestation Surveyor) – enabling them to correctly diagnose a damp, rising damp, woodworm infestation, fungal decay problem and to recommend the correct remedial measures of controlling and treating them.

Unlike some other damp-proofing and woodworm treatment service companies, we do not employ commission-based surveyors ( “salesmen”), so you can rest assured that when one of our surveyors visit your property to inspect a damp or timber problem, he is not there to “find” work, but to advise and recommend measures to control and cure the problem. Only as a last resort is damp-proofing, woodworm treatment, dry rot treatment or wet rot treatment recommended. In short, we investigate the route source damp and timber decay problems and advise, wherever possible, on simple, cost-effective, chemically free, environmentally friendly remedial actions that protect your building from damp and timber decay now and for many years to come.

Should you require the damp timber services of a damp & timber specialist surveyor on a property you are intending to buy or already own, Damp Aid UK offer a prompt, professional service.  To speak to a specialist surveyor, to find how much it costs for a damp survey, timber survey, or to book a survey, telephone your local regional office or fill in the survey enquiry form

Summary of Property Care  Damp Timber Services

~ Cost for treating a whole for wood beetles ( WOODWORM ) ~
~ Specialist woodworm & timber surveys ~
~ Damp-proofing Surveys, Timber Condition Survey,  Damp Decay Surveys & written report for mortgage  ~
~  Pre-Purchase Mortgage Damp Report & Timber Condition Report ~ View Survey Options Page

~  PCA Property care specialist damp & timber decay reports ~
~  Environmentally friendly chemical free alternatives for damp-proofing, Rising Damp Control & Rising Damp Treatments ~
~ Environmental methods for treating & controlling dry rot, timber rotting decay / fungal decay in wood ~
~ to inspect roof timbers and check for possible timber rot decay, & wood boring beetle infestation ~
~  of a damp-proof inspection for rising damp and penetrating dampness   ~
~  of Specialist survey & inspection to sub-floors and check for possible timber rot to wooden floors  ~
~  Timber survey & Damp Decay Treatments  ~
~  Property Care Dry Rot surveys & Dry Rot specialist Treatments ~
~  Fungal timber decay  inspection to sub-floor timber joists and flooring for damp and timber defects due to blocked / blocking of air bricks & high external ground levels, ( such as concrete driveways, & soil  flower beds)  ~
~  of woodworm inspections & timber treatments in roof / loft ~
~ Penetrating Damp Control ~
~  External Ground Lowering to prevent further dampness & bridging of a damp-proof course   ~
~  Sub-floor / under floor void inspected for damp, timber decay, and wood rot to timber flooring & joists.  These surveys are usually carried out when a building surveyor states in his report that sub floor ventilation is inadequate or has noted movement / springy or deflection in the sub-timber floors beneath the ground floor timber. ~
~ of installing sub-floor air bricks below ground floor timbers to improve sub-floor ventilation &  air Vents (Condensation) to improve ventilation and reduce condensation ~ Sub-floor inspections where timbers will be inspected and examined  for timber fungal decay & dampness,  along with costs for replacing sub-floor timbers infected with timber decay & woodworm beetle infestation as part of our damp timber services.
~ Damp-proof course & accessible sub-floor timbers inspected for dampness, including timbers in contact with damp walls where high external ground levels are blocking sub floor  air bricks.  These timbers are most at risk to fungal timber decay such as wet / dry rot and wood boring beetles (woodworm), therefore it is important that checking of this area is carried out, especially in a pre-purchase situation.

Sometimes during a specialist damp and timber survey our specialist surveyors come across springy / bounciness to timber flooring adjacent to a damp wall or where poor sub-floor ventilation is present.  This is often indicated in a building society surveyors report where he suspects there may be an outbreak of dry / wet rot.  This area of floor deflection will certainly require further investigation by lifting floorboards to determine the cause,

Clients who benefit from our Damp Survey, Timber Survey & Specialist Property Care Damp and Timber Survey & Property Care Damp Report:

* Homeowners with a particular damp or timber decay problem
* Homeowners preparing their property to sell who require damp timber services
* Buyers who require Damp & Timber Surveys and Reports prior to being sold / exchange of contracts (i.e. Pre-purchase survey)
* Timber and damp survey for mortgage loan providers / lenders
* Damp and timber surveys & reports arranged for mortgage retention damp and timber repairs & for clients wishing to part exchange their old house for a new build. (part exchange scheme)
* Repossession timber and damp reports for cash buyers before sale at auction
* Clients who have had independent timber & damp (C.S.R.T.) surveyors specifying specialist damp and timber decay treatment in their reports after being instructed to carrying out an independent PCA damp & timber survey / inspection on a house.
* Estate Agents requiring timber / damp survey and report / quotation for house sellers or buyers

* Damp timber services for Local Authorities & County Council house inspectors.
* Housing Associations requiring a independent damp / timber survey / report on tenanted properties suffering from condensation.
* Damp timber services for Insurance Companies / brokers requiring an accurate diagnosis and report for claim purposes
*  Property Care Specialist Mortgage Damp and Timber Reports for  Mortgage loan Companies including equity release funding schemes, banks & building society’s
* Building Societies for mortgages and equity release schemes
*Damp and Timber reports for Building Surveyors & Architects
* Cavity wall insulation contractors / installers
* Letting Agents for accurate diagnosis of dampness or condensation and damp treatment costs, particularly in a dispute case between landlords and tenants
* Building Contractors requiring specialist independent advice and treatments for dampness, woodworm and timber decay found during property renovations.
* Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S. – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors)
* Private Landlords providing accurate diagnosis of  condensation dampness.
* All other professionals in the property world i.e. solicitor, property investor and building contractors.

During the damp and timber survey, our clients are encouraged to accompany our helpful and friendly damp inspectors when and wherever possible. This enables them to observe what is found, if anything, and ask questions (should they have any) which should leave them in no doubt as to what is the cause of a specific problem and how it is to be rectified. We do not leave them bewildered , non the wiser and thinking “what in the world was all that about?”


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