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Independent Property Care Association Specialists (PCA members) Damp-Proofing & Timber Treatment Surveyors Providing Damp survey, Woodworm Infestation Survey, Dry Rot Survey & Specialist Damp and Timber Surveys. We also Produce Damp-Proof Course Reports for Mortgage Lenders, Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, & Re-mortgage / Equity Release Companies Based in Llandudno.

Are you in the process of moving and considering purchasing a property in Llandudno. It is always advisable, to anyone buying a house, to have a pre-purchase property survey carried out by a building surveyor. It is also in one’s best interest to obtain an in-depth pre purchase specialist timber & damp report and general home condition survey carried out by damp specialists, especially if problems have been highlighted in a building surveyors home buyers report. It is important to have a property checked for rising dampness & inspected for woodworm infestation, prior to exchanging contracts, so the cost of any timber treatment and damp-proofing repairs can be negotiated with the vendor.

Property care services offered by Damp Aid, are to control and prevent any rising damp, timber decay and woodworm infestation. We provide independent damp and timber surveys which will accurately diagnose any dampness & decay issues using in-depth surveying  techniques which are sympathetic towards buildings, an approach widely ignored by most damp-proofing and timber treatment companies based in Llandudno. Our comprehensive and impartial specialist property care damp and timber reports come complete with recommendations for any remedial work which are usually chemical free & environmentally friendly solutions.

Damp Aid surveyors have been providing damp surveys, woodworm surveys. dry rot surveys & specialist damp and timber reports since 1984 and are recognised as one of Llandudno’s most respected damp specialists in surveying and diagnosing problems with rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, dry rot wood rotting fungi, woodworm.  We have carried out countless surveys for rising damp, woodworm & dry rot, saving many clients thousands of pounds on unnecessary chemical damp-proofing & woodworm timber treatment work on properties in Llandudno.

If a more in-depth specialist damp and timber survey has been requested by your mortgage lender, home buyer / building surveyor, it may seem like a worrying prospect, especially if you are a first time buyer, but be assured, this is normal practice and should not discourage you from buying a new house. It is important for you to ensure that your new property is free from any damp and timber defects which could get progressively worse and depreciate your investment.

If you have been informed by the vendor that previous specialist damp proofing & woodworm treatment has been carried out, which is guaranteed, you and your solicitors are advised to check exactly which areas of the property have been treated, if the company is a registered  member of the Property Care Association (PCA) and if the damp-proofing contractors guarantee is valid. Never assume that the property is completely covered and check that the specialist damp-proofing & woodworm timber treatment company in Llandudno is still trading.

C.S.R.T. qualified specialist damp-proofing and timber treatment surveyors will carry out a survey of the property and test to determine the exact cause of any defects. Damp experts will check roof timbers and lift floor boards wherever possible, take random moisture readings to ground floor walls, using a calibrated moisture meter and inspect the property externally to check sub-floor ventilation (air bricks). You will be issued with a comprehensive report from property care specialists, detailing our surveyor’s findings and what remedial work is recommended, including images and a floor plan.

Don’t take any shortcuts, your property is likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make. We are original members of the PCA (having previously been BWPDA members) and Trust Mark (Government Endorsed Standards). For your peace of mind our chemical treatment guarantee can be protected by Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

You may be enticed by the offer of a “free survey” by other damp-proofing & timber treatment specialists based in Llandudno, however some damp-proofing contractors and surveyors invariably state that your property has rising dampness and will  unsurprisingly recommend the installation of a chemical damp-proof course together with timber treatments. These treatments offered by non approved damp-proofing specialists & dry rot treatment companies in Llandudno are rarely required and completely unjustifiable.

Before waiting for a purchaser to have a ‘free damp and timber survey’ it would be considered prudent, for any homeowner selling their property, to have their own damp survey and written report undertaken to find the full extent and costs of any suspected rising damp, woodworm, & timber decay thus avoiding any potential buyer withdrawing their offer and pulling out of a property sale.

Damp Aid surveyors undertake independent rising damp, dry rot, timber decay & condensation mould surveys for homeowners, buyers, sellers, estate agents, management letting / rental agencies, banks mortgage lenders, rented out property for  landlords, tenants renting, solicitors, housing associations, and equity release companies located in Llandudno. So if you live in Llandudno and think that you have any problems with dampness, woodworm & timber decay and need free impartial honest advice from  damp-proof course & dry rot specialists then please call Damp Aid who are property care association members /  specialists in Llandudno on 01492 535305  or email  us by clicking on the survey enquiry button  where you are guaranteed a fast, friendly independent specialist damp & timber report service from property care members in Llandudno.