The following testimonials are genuine comments made by some of our clients and used with their kind permission:

Just a quick note to say thanks for the pre-purchase specialist damp survey on the house that I’m buying. Everything was clearly explained and it was clear that the damp surveyor had a look around the property and investigated the actual causes of the damp rather than just trying to peddle a chemical damp proof course it didn’t need. Ultimately I was able to renegotiating the purchase price of the property down by over £5k to cover the cost of building works so the property care specialist damp report was well worth the initial investment.
Damp survey & report  Chester Road, Helsby, WA6 0DW

This is a brilliant specialist damp and timber report and has been of great help to us in understanding the damp proof course & woodworm timber infestation issues in the roof & lounge.
Damp and Timber Report Reginald Road, Northwood HA6 1EE

 I am writing to thank-you very much for the very prompt specialist damp and timber report you did on the ground floor walls during my purchase of the new property. It was informative and helpful, and gives me some specific areas to check and action both before and after purchase!
Damp & Timber Survey Report Rickmansworth Road Pinner HA5 3TJ

Just to forewarn anyone in the process of getting a damp survey undertaken, on a house in Wales, that I’ve just saved £3,200 by using Damp Aid – an independent damp-proofing and timber treatment specialist company.  I’d previously called in three damp-proofing companies based in Cardiff, Swansea & Barry offering a “free” damp survey but, after seeing comments on which?, I decided to PAY for another survey to get an unbiased, honest opinion.
The conclusion of the “free” damp survey was that I had rising dampness and an injected damp-proof course and re-plastering was required which would cost nearly £3200.
Damp Aid property care specialists came and did a detailed independent damp examination on my property, which included the use of a calcium carbide speedy meter, to test the ground floor walls. It was found that the moisture readings were only 2% confirming the walls were DRY and that my property was certainly NOT suffering with rising damp coming up through the brickwork in my lounge & dining room.
Damp Aid could easily have told me that the wall needed expensive damp proof- treatment in my property but their specialist damp surveyor said that the only thing I need to do is replace the perished plaster to the front bay which was bridging with the solid floor. What a huge relief that was.
It may seem like a lot of money to pay for a survey but it’s better to get a specialist damp report & inspection from a damp-proofing specialist who isn’t trying to sell you a product you don’t need!
Property Care Specialists Damp Survey for Rising Damp – Princess Way, Swansea, SA1 5HE

The mortgage company charged us for a home buyer survey fee and their report merely scratched the surface. It was recommended that we needed a specialist damp and timber report on a property in Cardiff. For peace of mind we decided to get the opinion of an independent property care association member damp-proofing & timber treatment company and contacted Damp Aid to carry out a damp survey for suspected rising damp to the ground floor walls and a timber survey to the whole house. The property was very old and in poor condition. The Damp Aid surveyor spent a number of hours on site and brought some serious structural timber and damp course issues to my attention which had been missed in our home-buyers survey.  Based upon this companies  damp & timber report we were able to offset the costs against the purchase price for the house.  I would certainly use Damp Aid independent specialist damp surveyors in Cardiff again.
Pre Purchase Specialist Damp and Timber Survey Report Obtained By Property Care Specialists In Cardiff – Cathedral Rd, Canton, Cardiff CF11 9LP.  2016  

Thank you for the specialist dry rot survey & report carried out on my rental property. It is a huge relief for us to know that the dry rot wood decay to the floor joists in the kitchen has not come back again and that the damp-proof course in the lounge is functioning as it should do. Thank you for your surveyors assistance with this. We have recommended your companies independent damp-proofing and timber treatment services to other estate agents & letting agencies.
Damp & dry rot survey undertaken by dry rot specialists – Newport Rd, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 4FD.

We have no hesitation in recommending Damp Aid independent property care association member damp-proofing and timber treatment specialists. We found this companies specialist damp- proofing & timber treatment services to be excellent.
Damp and timber survey report undertaken by damp specialists – Barry Rd, Penarth CF64 2NR.

We contacted Damp Aid property care association member damp-proofing & timber treatment company to ask their advice on which type of survey would best suit our needs on a 3 bedroom Victorian house in Cardiff. They guided us through the options and we commissioned a full damp and timber report. Their surveyor highlighted some potential problems with damp to the external walls and woodworm infestation in the roof & floor timbers and we subsequently addressed these with the vendor which lead to a reduction in the purchase price. Their damp and woodworm survey / damp report was worth every penny. I would not hesitate in recommending these  damp specialists.
Pre Purchase specialist damp & timber survey – Bevan Place, Cardiff CF14 3UX

I would just like to thank you for your efficient service from start to finish.  I will certainly be recommending your property care association specialists to family and friends.
Damp & Timber Survey Report –
Milnrow Road, Rochdale, OL16 5DL

Thank you team for your help in organising and carrying out a property care specialist timber & damp survey on the house I am buying.  Having panicked after reading the Home Buyer survey report saying there was suspected rising damp to the ground floor walls. I was so relieved to receive your report stating that the damp proof course was intact and the “rising damp” had been caused by the high ground level outside the reception room.  The money you have saved me will go towards the cost of a new bathroom I have planned!  Thank you all again.
Pre- Purchase Damp and Timber Survey Report Undertaken by Damp-Proof Specialists in
Oldham Road, Middleton M24

I am so pleased that I contacted you to give me a second opinion. Your surveyors damp and timber decay investigation on my property, has saved me a fortune! It is true what they say…nothing in life is free! I will certainly be recommending Damp aid property care association members damp-proofing and timber treatment company to anyone who has a damp issue that needs resolving and will warn them to stay away from the “Free survey & quote“ brigade! Thank you all once again for your companies efficient and professional service.
  Damp & Timber Decay Survey
Whitby Avenue, Chester, CH2 2JA
(This client had a free quote of £6,500 for damp proof injection & re-plastering in his 1930’s house – the physical damp proof course was clearly visible!  Our surveyor discovered that the wall plaster was in contact with the solid floor throughout the property resulting in slightly raised moisture readings.   Client debridged the wall plaster behind the skirting boards and left walls to dry out.  Works required? – None by us!  Cost to client? – damp survey fee and a SAVING of over £6,000!!!!!!!!!).

Thank you for the survey and damp and timber report on my property.  Your surveyor was obviously very knowledgeable and diagnosed our problem immediately.  He was professional and succinct.  My wife and I are very impressed by your property care association member company and we have peace of mind knowing exactly what we have to do to rectify our situation.  I wouldn’t hesitate to employ your services again and would wholeheartedly recommend you to our family and friends.  Thank you for an impeccable service.
Property Care Specialists Damp and Timber Report 
Booth Drive, Urmston, Manchester M41

The following testimonial was forwarded to the manager of a member of staff following a client’s telephone conversation with her.  She was shy about her name being mentioned, but we feel that credit should be given where it’s due!

I wanted to write to you directly regarding Sarah. Sarah has been absolutely wonderful in dealing with our recent query about possible rising damp following three gaping damp holes which have appeared in the walls of our 3 bedroom mid-terrace Victorian house. She was extremely professional, very knowledgeable about the issues and able to sensitively elicit pertinent information before offering practical and helpful advice about the need to rule out condensation dampness and other possible causes as well as the benefits of waiting until spring prior to arranging a visit to my house.

Damp wall issues are a householder’s worst nightmare and especially with a young family we were extremely distressed about the situation until we contacted Sarah.  Obviously we had researched the damp wall issues, the two big damp-proofing and timber treatment firms with market share dominance as well as the independent specialist firms such as yourselves, in detail and had been met with the whole range of sales pitches around damp proof coursing, supposedly ‘free’ damp surveys and offers of costly surveys without addressing condensation dampness and winter weather issues, followed by scare tactics.
Sarah was the only contact where we felt listened to, questioned and advised and where some thought went into the response. The only problem we had with Sarah was in trying to get details of her manager so that we could send this note to commend her.

We were so impressed by her calm proficiency and honest non – sales pitch approach that we have decided to rule out the other damp-proofing & timber treatment specialists in Fallowfield  & Withington, we have been researching and commit ourselves to engaging Damp aid property care association member damp specialists.
Damp & Timber Survey report Undertaken by Damp-Proof & Dry Rot Treatment Specialists 
– Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, (Nr Stockport), Manchester, M20 

I would just like to thank the Damp aid team very much for undertaking the damp and timber survey stipulated by the mortgage surveyor.  Despite the surveyor stating that there was rising damp in his report, and the Northwich based damp proofing company, recommended by the estate agents, quoting for a chemical damp proof course, I am so pleased I had second thoughts and called you in.  My builders can carry out all the de-bridging of the original physical damp proof course and the re plastering during the renovation works and the Building Society has confirmed that your  property care damp report will act as a certificate of integrity for the house and they will not require a guarantee as no chemical treatment is to be carried out.  I will definitely be recommending your property care association services to anyone I know buying a house in Cheshire.
Damp and Timber Survey Report undertaken by damp proofing & timber treatment specialists – Malpas Road, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7AZ

I will certainly be recommending Damp aid property care services to anyone I know who needs a damp survey on their house.  Both the office staff and the surveyor were polite and knowledgeable and sorted out my damp problem.
Damp & Timber Survey Report
– Leigh Road, Atherton, Leigh, WN7 1TF

I would like to say that I’m very pleased with the work and by the general approach shown by your company from the initial damp and timber survey on my property and follow-up visit to the actual implementation The damp surveyor’s explanation of the problem, solutions and additional suggestions instilled a lot of confidence. It’s also refreshing to find a firm that turns up when expected, sticks with the job until it’s finished and doesn’t seek to expand the scope of work. I feel confident that Paul and his team have carried out a very thorough job on my house.
Mr. W.  –  Rowton Bridge Road, Christleton, CH3 7BD 2011

Please could you pass on my thanks to your surveyor Paul, after his visit to my house in Bolton.  AT LAST we have got to the bottom of the damp issue and can deal with it once and for all instead of “throwing money at it” and temporarily masking the problem!  I wish I had called Damp Aid property care association specialist members to start with.
 Damp and Timber Survey Report undertaken by damp proofing & timber treatment specialists
– Bury Old Road, Bolton, BL2 5SD

We bought our 3 bedroom Victorian semi-detached house in Llandudno, North Wales and had a specialist damp and timber survey carried out by a damp proof specialist company recommended by a north wales local estate agent in Llandudno  The  specialist damp and timber report on the property informed us that there was severe woodworm and rising damp which was going to cost us a few thousand pounds to put right.  We decided to instruct our own independent damp and timber specialist experts to conduct a survey and called in Damp aid property care association members one of the local damp proofing companies in Llandudno.  We were delighted when we received their in- depth  damp & timber report informing us that the severe wood boring beetle infestation was in fact non-active and did not need chemical treatment and the rising dampness would be cured by the lowering of the external ground levels to below the slate damp proof course which was already in the property!  We had this work carried out by a local building company and saved a considerable amount of money.  If you want an honest independent assessment on any dampness or timber problems then I recommend you call Damp Aid property care woodworm specialists in North Wales to carry out the inspection.
Damp-Proof Course & Woodworm Survey Report – Roumania Drive, Craig y Don, Llandudno, Conwy, North Wales LL30 1UL August 2014

After receiving a competitive quote for damp and timber treatment prior to the completion of our house purchase, we instructed Damp aid to carry out the specialist damp proofing works.  Damp aid provided a friendly, thorough and professional service and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend them to anyone buying,selling a house.
Damp and Timber Report 
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey

May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for the overwhelming quality of service both you and your staff provided when purchasing my 2 bedroom ground floor flat  I will have no hesitation recommending your damp and timber report services to others in the future.
Damp and Timber survey report Stanhope Gardens, Harringay, London N4 January 2013

I found the Damp aid damp & timber surveyor very professional, genuine and approachable.  I was invited to accompany him during his rising damp survey & woodworm  assessment and everything was explained to me as he went along.  I definitely felt like a valued customer without any pushiness or pressure.  The work on my property went ahead as scheduled without any delays or interruptions and they left the house very clean and tidy when the specialist damp proofing & woodworm timber treatment work was finished.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Damp aid  property care woodworm and damp specialists to anyone.
 Damp and Woodworm Survey Report – Manchester Road, Wigan WN7 February 2014

Excellent  property care specialist damp and timber report on my property for woodworm & rising damp  from initial contact to completion of the damp and timber survey & remedial damp-proofing & timber treatment  works.
Damp and timber report from property care woodworm and damp specialists in – Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 January 2015

I was very pleased with Damp Aid property care association specialists.  Their companies damp-proofing and timber treatment prices were very competitive, and their surveyors damp & timber assessment of the job, giving impartial advice, was excellent. The work was scheduled for a time convenient for me and when finished the house was left clean and tidy.  I would certainly recommend them. Damp and Timber Report. – Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, WA12 August 2014

We would just like to take this opportunity of saying how very impressed I was with your  property care damp company.  From the specialist damp and timber report on my house in Bolton, through to completion of the specialist damp-proofing & timber treatment works carried out on our 2 bedroom detached stone cottage in Bolton, everyone has been efficient, friendly and professional.  We would have no problem in recommending your damp-proofing property care specialist company in the future.
Damp and Timber Report from Property Care Specialists in- Bury Road, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, BL4 July 2013

Having received a distressing quotation from one of the local damp-proofing and timber treatment companies based in rhos on sea near Llandudno & Colwyn Bay   to carry out dry rot treatments on “the worst case of dry rot he had ever seen” which would require me to move out for at least a fortnight, I contacted Damp aid property care dry rot specialists to get a second opinion.  Their dry rot specialist surveyor was extremely helpful and explained in detail the difference between my so called Dry Rot which was in fact Wet Rot caused by my leaking shower in my bathroom.  Their workmen repaired the faulty mastic to the shower and replaced the damaged skirting boards and 2 decayed floorboards all whilst I was still living in my bungalow and for £8,000 less than the other local dry rot  treatment specialists  had quoted me!  If you want an honest opinion and a correct diagnosis of your dry rot problem, then I would recommend Damp Aid property care specialists any day.
Miss P, Abbey Drive, Rhos on Sea, Conwy, LL28

Damp Aid property care  association services in Chester, from start to finish was very professional. They provided a cost effective property care service for damp-proofing our new mid terrace house in Chester with the minimum of disruption to our household which was left clean and tidy when they had finished.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Damp Aid property care specialists to anyone requiring  specialist damp proofing work.
Damp and Timber Report from Property Care Specialists in
– Westminster Road, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 February 2015

We bought a new 3 bedroom semi-detached house recently in Heywood, Lancashire and, as a condition of the mortgage offer, were to have a specialist damp and timber report carried out along with a quotation for any damp-proofing and timber treatment works. A succession of remedial damp-proofing companies from Bury, Rochdale & Oldham, who provided us with a free damp and timber survey, all said that the property needed a new chemical injected damp proof course with waterproof plastering along with woodworm treatment.  Costs varied from three to five thousand pounds.
We called Damp Aid property care association members / specialists to carry out a  rising damp survey on my property and their C.S.R.T. surveyor located the physical damp proof course straight away along with high ground levels.  He recommended the lowering of the raised external ground levels, to prevent moisture ingress at the base the walls, and said to install two extra air bricks to promote better sub-floor ventilation. This would improve sub-floor ventilation, help to remove excess moisture from below the ground floor and would help keep the floor timbers at a suitable level of dryness to avoid timber decay or an infestation of wood boring insects.  He found no justification for chemical treatment, which was recommended by the other damp and dry rot companies, who happened to be non-members of the PCA.
 Damp and Timber Report Undertaken by Damp-Proof Specialists in Bury Old Road, Heywood, Rochdale, Lancs OL10 3HU February 2015

Thank you so much for the specialist damp and timber report on my house in Poynton. I really appreciate your surveyors speedy response.
Damp and timber report from Property Care Specialists in –
Chester Road, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1HA

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